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Here at GuitarBass, we realize what a pain it is to get parts to customize your instrument up here in the North.  Our mission is to simplify the process by providing high quality parts shipped from directly here in Canada.  We believe you should be able to order in Canadian dollars and not have to worry about duties or crazy shipping charges, just click and wait for it to show up. Imagine being able to just add to cart, click check out, and know that the price on the screen is the final price you'll pay.

Because we know what it's like to be looking for something, only to find out it will be on back order for weeks while another site orders from their supplier, we keep our inventory on hand.  We only let you buy what we can ship right away!

All our prices are in Canadian dollars, because we feel like you should know what you're paying up front and not have to worry about what the dollar is doing today, and then we'll only charge you when we ship your order.



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