Well, after discussing with Canada post and trying to get the best possible rates we can for you, we’ve decided to go a slightly different route with shipping.  We are now offering a flat rate shipping fee of $3.50 for anything under 400g, which is most of our smaller items (like these Super Bullets Strings, ¼” Fender Output Jacks, Potentiometers, etc). Some exceptions apply due to size requirements (Maximum of 38cm x 27cm x 2cm).

The downside to this lower rate is that this mail sends out as Oversized Letter, and as such we cannot offer tracking on it.  If you require tracking for your package, then the parcel service is still available and we’re trying to get it as cheap as we possibly can for you.

If you have any questions or comments, just hit us up at support@guitarbass.ca and we’ll try to answer you as completely as possible.