Normally return policies are hidden in the fine print that people don’t tend to read anyways, so we wanted to make this up front and in your face.  We’re not looking to just take your money and send you on your way (although, we do like money).  We want to help Canadians, and if that means you order something, and then get it and it just turns out to not be how you pictured it, then we’ll gladly take a return for up to and including 90 days.  We do recommend doing a bit of research on the pieces before ordering though, and we are looking at putting together some videos to make that easier for you, but until then youtube is a great source for a wealth of information.

Now, what happens if it’s past the 90 day return? Well that depends a lot on the situation.  Our official policy is 90 days in the case that you’re not happy with the product or it doesn’t work.  If something happens and you’ve just missed the 90 days, well then shoot us an email anyways and we’ll try to work something out for you; we can’t promise you the moon, but like I said, we’re not just looking to take your money only to rip you off and never see you again, because that’s just bad business.


So if you’ve bought something and then life just got busy and you didn’t get a chance to return it in under 2 weeks (*cough* like some other stores offer *cough*), send us an email to and we’ll go through the steps for a return with you and get you back on your way to making great music.