As a bassist, I don’t have much use for picks (although some bassists can totally rock the pick, I just could never get used to it), but I do have a use for guitarists!  Guitarists come with all sorts of different styles, sounds, and wants.  Because they’re all different, the pick that works for one of them just isn’t always right for another; whether it be the size, the texture, or even the color. Sometimes they want a pick that is truly their own.

Well, our friends over at have the solution to that problem.  We’ve gone ahead and gotten our first batch of GuitarBass picks from them, and not only did they provide excellent customer service (I’m looking at you Lisa!) but the picks are top notch! 


On the right you’ll see an actual pick (well two, one for front and one for back). 

These are 0.81mm picks, but the folks at EGOpicks know that one size doesn’t fit all, so they also make them in; 0.46mm, 0.71mm, 0.96m, and the beefy 1.2mm.


GuitarBass Picks from EGOpicks


Every guitarist we’ve handed these out to so far has come back with nothing but positive feedback (except one instance where the pick slid too far when thrown on his amp, but I can hardly hold that against them), so I’m going to have to highly recommend them.


Not only do they do picks, but they can also make some accessories out of them, my personal favorite being the Keychain tuner with detachable emergency pick. Super useful if you show up somewhere unprepared.

EGOpicks Guitar Tuner with GuitarBass pick keychain

If you’re looking for some merchandise for your band, check out their Custom Merch section to see their value packs, where you can pick up necklaces, keychains, the above tuner, and more!


We’ll be sending out the remainder of these picks with every order while supplies last, just mention in the order notes what size you’d like and if we have any left we’ll be sure to pack them in there.


Oh and did we mention they’re in Canada too? Our mission here at GuitarBass is to provide you with high quality parts and accessories here in Canada, and we think the people over at are going in the right direction,


So to wrap it up, if you’re looking for a high quality picks, with your own design on them, head on over to and check them out, they’re awesome.