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This was an exciting weekend!  In an effort to better suit our customers, yours truly got a chance to head out to the Canadian School of Lutherie in Toronto for a One-on-One training session with Mr. Jeremy Nicks.

After a few hours on the road in the early morning (heading out from Montreal), I finally arrived and we were ready to get started right away.  We started out by covering all the basics of what a basic guitar set up entails; wiring the pickups and setting their height, changing strings and tuners, installing the neck, and adjusting the neck tilt, cleaning up the fretboard, and of course, proper oiling and polishing.  This list isn’t exhaustive (for instance, if the frets are pocketed or uneven from play, you can do a fret dressing to even them all out), but it’s just a sample of how awesome the day started out.

Eventually we moved on to more in-depth topics, like proper string action height, fixing the intonation, and of course, repair and refinishing.  I even got to see some of the work their students are working on and it was just an amazing experience.

Even though there was a lot that I knew going into the course, I was still like a kid in a candy store while there, just absorbing the knowledge Jeremy was able to pass on.  The best bet to learning is to always remember that no matter what you already know, you know nothing. 

Coming in the next few months I’ll be starting a video series where we take an old guitar (or bass) and bring it back to life, one step at a time, and really going into detail on how certain things should be done.

Of course, the best way to learn is to go to their school yourself and get your hands dirty.  You can find more information about them at their website. Canadian School of Lutherie

GuitarBass (Chris - Left) and Canadian School of Lutherie (Jeremy - Right)

GuitarBass' Christopher Derrig (Left) with Canadian School of Lutherie's Jeremy Nicks (Right)