Fender Jazz Bass Contemporary 10-hole Pickguards


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Nothing stays new forever, this is true whether you’re talking about cars or guitars.  After a while your Strat might feel a little too “the same ol’” and it shouldn’t be that way! A simple way to bring back that newness to your instrument is by swapping out the old pickguard for a new one.  Fender® offers a ton of different colours and materials for pickguards, allowing you to get that personal touch for your Stratocaster without breaking the bank. 

This pickguard is a contemporary style, 10-hole pickguard for a Fender Jazz Bass.

See Fender’s Product Description for the most up to date model compatibility list: 10-HOLE CONTEMPORARY JAZZ BASS® PICKGUARDS

Type Pickguards
Vendor Fender
Sku 099-2179-000

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