Our Story

Hey There!


Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about us.


We're a small company based out of Montreal, Quebec.  We love all things music, and all things customization.


We started this store after one of us was looking to build a Bass last year, and couldn't find anything available in Canada.  Shipping from the US was almost as expensive as some of the parts themselves and it was just a frustrating experience.  One year and months of negotiations later, here we are to help relieve those same frustrations for each of you.


We ship only high quality authentic merchandise, and we do it from within Canada.  We take the worries of duties and crazy high shipping prices out of the equation, allowing you to get the stuff you need, and not waste too much on shipping (although we recommend shipping insurance on the more expensive merchandise since we cannot control the shipping companies).


We're presently in the start up phase, so if something is a little rocky we'd like to apologize, and we'd like to hear your feedback!  Your feedback can help us grow and better meet your needs, plus it's a great way to send us recommendations for products you'd like to see.  Please send any feedback to feedback@guitarbass.ca


As we grow, this section will change over time (I mean, we can't be a start up forever!) so please come back and check it out for any updates.


Our Facebook and Twitter accounts are forthcoming, look out for a link soon!