Fender Original ’57/’62 Strat Pickups


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Made for the Fender® American Vintage Stratocaster® series, these single-coil pickups are reverse-engineered from a 1963 Strat. 

Not to be confused with the Vintage Noiseless™ Stratocaster Pickups, these pickups send out an old-school Strat sound, feel and vibe, with shimmering highs and warm lows.

For specific details about tonal characteristics, construction, or output ratings, please check the official Fender Description here: FENDER ORIGINAL ’57/’62 STRAT PICKUPS

We know when you get your new pickups you want to be able to install them directly, so this package comes with everything you need; the mounting screws, the wiring diagram and harness, as well as tubing to adjust the pickup height.
Type Pickups
Vendor Fender
Sku 099-2117-000

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