Fender Stratocaster Tremolo Bridge (Vintage-Style)


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Get a little whammy in your sound! This is a vintage style bridge assembly, made for more recent Stratocasters, to give you that old-school control over your music.

This kit includes a nickel-plated steel bridge assembly, with six Fender® stamped string saddles.  Also comes with the intonation screws and springs, and the height adjustment screws.

It does not however include the actual tremolo claw, springs, or arm.  It will accept any standard 10/32 thread tremolo arm (Coming soon to GuitarBass)

 The spacing for the mounting is 2-1/16”, which is different from the actual Vintage assembly, and will take some modification for that. 

This is made for ’06-Present models

Type Parts
Vendor Fender
Sku 007-1014-049

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